Open Letter to Pass the Zero Carbon Bill


Businesses, community organisations, and prominent New Zealanders call on Parliament to pass the Zero Carbon Bill into law with cross-party support 

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This open letter will be presented to MPs before the final vote on the Zero Carbon Bill. Please show your support for a better future by getting your favourite business or organisation to sign the open letter.

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To the Parliament of Aotearoa New Zealand,

Three years ago, a group of young Kiwis began to call for a new climate law - the Zero Carbon Bill - to put climate action beyond politics. Now, you are on the verge of voting to pass it into law. A lot has changed in the last three years. 
  • The IPCC has shown the critical importance of keeping global warming below 1.5C;
  • Over 120 Kiwi businesses have joined the Climate Leaders Coalition;
  • Thousands of young students and adults (3.5% of NZ’s population) of all political stripes took to the streets, demanding action on climate change; and
  • Tens of thousands of Kiwis signed a petition backing the Zero Carbon Bill.
Kiwis know climate change threatens our common values. We must all do our bit. 
We are rising to the challenge of getting to net zero carbon emissions now, but we need Parliament to provide certainty by uniting behind the Zero Carbon Bill. 
As businesses, community groups and people from all over Aotearoa New Zealand we implore you to vote in favour of this new law - and not to weaken it with last minute amendments.  
The climate crisis is too important to be a political football. 
We have seen the impact of other parliaments around the world passing climate legislation with cross-party support, and we urge our Parliament to do the same. Please take this chance - for a sustainable economy and a safe climate future.
We urge you to create a just climate legacy for all New Zealanders
He waka eke noa